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Nov 7, 2010

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Fuel System

The stock fuel system on the L29 is plagued with 4 common problems.

1. Injectors: The stock injectors are a bad design and they are just barely large enough to support a stock engine.† Check out this web site that lists the stock L29 injectors on their Dirty Dozen Injector List (Itís #5 on the list)

2. Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR): If you have over 100k on your engine chances are your FPR is leaking or not maintaining a constant fuel pressure to the engine.† And you have to take the† upper intake manifold off to get at the thing when it does need to be replaced.

3. POS (yes thatís piece of shit) fuel rail:† The stock fuel rail is plastic and has metal injector retainer clips. You have to be very very careful when removing the clips so that you donít crack the plastic studs off the fuel rail or worse crack the fuel rail.

4. Typical GM Fuel pump design. Donít run it below 1/4 of a tank of gas or the pump isnít going to last long. The pump relies on the fuel to keep it cool, below 1/4 of a tank the pump starts to not be surrounded by fuel so it overheats.

View of the Engine from the back when it was on the engine stand.

Fuel Injector Options

Below is a table of several different fuel injectors options.† I only included injectors that are the same height and connector style as the stock L29 injectors.† There are ways to use shorter injectors with spacers or different connectors with adapter harnesses, but Iím not going to go into that.